Beacon Flavours

Beacons may be able to increase their functionality through the development of distinct flavours, which can extend the core Beacon concept for specific use cases.

FlavourData SourcesData responseExamplesNotes
Core Beacon
  • aggregate or sample, callset specific variant data
  • optional bio- and assya-metadata (e.g. phenotypes, geolocation data, assay information ...)
  • standard "existence of allele" response (yes/no; quantitative)
  • optional data delivery through "handover" scenarios
  • most of the current Beacon implementations
This is main Beacons development line, representing the gradual & continuous extension of the protocol while staying with the queries do not return information about single individuals paradigm.
EvidenceBeacon {E!}[B↗]
  • Variant knowledge resources
  • variant annotation data (variant effects, druggability...)
under active development (May 2019)
Data Beacon
  • sample, callset specific variant data (may be optional in pure "metadata" scenarios)
  • bio- and assya-metadata
  • Data (variants, callsets, individual/clinical records) through handover scenarios
  • versions with direct data delivery in response in secure environments (?)
  • so far internal and "off protocol"
  • Beacon+
  • risk of data breaches/exposure, especially when providing clinical data as response add-on
  • "handoff" scenario delegates delivery (and potential security concerns) to external protocols

Beacon implementations can also be classified by their potential for data delivery:

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