[R<~>M] Wildcard Range Matches (proposed)

Instead of querying for a specific genomic variant (e.g. an A instead of a G at position 7577121 on chromosome 17), Beacons could also employ a “range match” concept, in which all or type specific variants mapping to a genomic interval are being identified.

mbaudis, 2018-11-16: more ...

Beacon Flavours

Beacons may be able to increase their functionality through the development of distinct flavours, which can extend the core Beacon concept for specific use cases.

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Precise Variants

Precise variants are such with annotated sequences of 0….n length, and bases of [ATCGN] for the referenceBases and alternateBases attributes (N for “not specified”).

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Range Queries and Structural Variants

The adoption of

  • variantType
  • startMin, startMax
  • endMin, endMax

into the Beacon v0.4 release enabled the execution of

  • range queries
  • fuzzy position matching
  • arbitrary sequence variants (though limited through supported & documented vocabularies)

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Coordinate use for Beacon Queries

The coordinate system that should be used throughout GA4GH standards is 0-based half open.

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GA4GH Beacon v1.0

The official Beacon API v1.0.0 has been approved through the GA4GH Product Approval Process.

mbaudis, 2018-10-02: more ...

Release of Beacon v0.4

Beacon v0.4.0 has been released using the OpenAPI specification.

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Release of Beacon v0.3

Beacon v0.3.0 Release

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