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Beacon v2 will be at the European Conference on Computational Biology with a Workshop on tools and techniques to make sensitive data discoverable

The Workshop “Tools and techniques to make sensitive data discoverable (Use-cases, hands-on session of Beacon implementation)” will take place on September 15th, in the framework of the 21st European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB). This workshop aims to provide knowledge and hands-on sessions about the discoverability of sensitive genomics and clinical data without jeopardizing the privacy or ownership of such datasets.

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Beacon v2 Specification to be presented in the GA4GH 10th Plenary Meeting

Jordi Rambla, one of the key Beacon v2 leaders, will present the Beacon v2 Specification in Barcelona for the Global Alliance for Genomics And Health (GA4GH) 10th Plenary Meeting.

CosmoCaixa building in Barcelona.

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[H—>O] Beacon Handover for Data Delivery

While the Beacon v1 response was restricted to aggregate data (yes/no, counts, frequencies …), the usage of the protocol can be greatly expanded by providing an access method to data elements matched by a Beacon query. Since November 2018, Beacon v1.n has included support for a “handover” protocol, in which rich data content (e.g. variant data, phenotypic information, low-level sequencing results) can be provided from linked services, initiated through a Beacon query1.

Possible scenario for a Beacon-initiated "handover" data delivery, involving pre- or post- query authentication steps. Importantly, the identification of matching "rich" data elements (e.g. information about biosamples or individuals) happens internally, and only a data access handle is exposed to the Beacon ecosystem.
  1. An early discussion of the topic can e.g. be found in the Beacon developer area on Github. As of 2018-11-13, the handover concept had become part of the code development

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Beacon v2 submitted to GA4GH

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