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Beacon v2 submitted to GA4GH

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[H—>O] Beacon Handover for Data Delivery

While the Beacon v1 response was restricted to aggregate data (yes/no, counts, frequencies …), the usage of the protocol can be greatly expanded by providing an access method to data elements matched by a Beacon query. Since November 2018, Beacon v1.n has included support for a “handover” protocol, in which rich data content (e.g. variant data, phenotypic information, low-level sequencing results) can be provided from linked services, initiated through a Beacon query1.

Possible scenario for a Beacon-initiated "handover" data delivery, involving pre- or post- query authentication steps. Importantly, the identification of matching "rich" data elements (e.g. information about biosamples or individuals) happens internally, and only a data access handle is exposed to the Beacon ecosystem.
  1. An early discussion of the topic can e.g. be found in the Beacon developer area on Github. As of 2018-11-13, the handover concept had become part of the code development

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